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  第I卷(选择题 共70分)
  I. 听句子,选答语(共5小题,计5分)
  1. A. Yes, I think so.  B. Thank you.   C. Nice to meet you, too!
  2. A. Good idea.     B. Yes, please.   C. Never mind.
  3. A. Sorry, I can’t.    B. Thank you for your help. C. Yes, I’d love to.
  4. A. The same to you.      B. Have a good t ime.   C. You’re so kind.
  5. A. You’re welcome.  B. That’s right.    C. I’m afraid not.
  II. 听对话,选答案(共10小题,计10分)
  6. A. To go shopping.  B. To do some cleaning.  C. To go skating.
  7. A. By bus.       B. By bike.    C. On foot.
  8. A. It’s red.        B. It’s green.   C. It’s blue.
  9. A. At 8:05.    B. At 8:10.    C. At 8:15.
  10. A. A doctor.  B. A teacher.   C. A nurse.
  11. A. Moving.   B. Interesting.  C. Exciting.
  12. A. 30 dollars.  B. 60 dollars.   C. 120 dollars.
  13. A. Monkeys.       B. Tigers.   C. Lions.
  14. A. Swimming.       B. Tennis.    C. Basketball.
  15. A. At home.   B. At a food shop.   C. At the office.
  III. 听短文,选答案(共5小题,计10分)
  16. Why does Li Lei have to get up early every morning?
  A. Because he wants to catch the early bus.
  B. Because he wants to be the first to get to school.
  C. Because his home is far from school.
  17. How does Li Lei go to school every day?
  A. He walks to school.  B. He runs to school.  C. He rides a bike to school.
  18. Li Lei’s family spends much money _____.
  A. on his mother’s medicine  B. on his school things   C. on a new bike
  19. Li Lei ran ____ in the boys’ 1500 meters in his school.
  A. fast   B. faster    C. fastest
  20. What makes Li Lei become stronger and stronger?
  A. Growing up.  B. Keeping running to school.  C. His father’s care.
  I. 语言知识(共10小题,计10分)
  21. —Would you like some ____?
  —No, thank you. I’m not hungry at all.
  A. tea   B. water   C. bread    D. coffee
  22. —You speak E nglish much ____ than before.
  —Thank you.
  A. well    B. better   C. best      D. good
  23. —Could I borrow your dictionary?
  —Of course you _____.
  A. can   B. must   C. should    D. will
  24. —You look so happy. What happened?
  —I have got an “A” in ____ P.E. test.
  A. your   B. her    C. his    D. my



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