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  第一卷  (选择题,共45分)
  一. 单项选择(共15小题,每小题1分,计15分)
  1. Cindy is   amazing singer. She has lots of fans.
  A. aB. anC. theD. /
  2. It’s very kind   you.Thank you for your help.
  A. onB. ofC. atD. in
  3. She is new here, so we know       about her.
  A. nothingB. somethingC. anythingD. everything
  4. We won’t start the meeting       our teacher arrives.
  A. thoughB. whileC. untilD. or
  5. -Mr Smith must have been to your home this morning.
  -No,he       ,because he didn’t know my address.
  A. can’t B. mustn’t C. couldn’tD. may not
  6. How time flies! Three years       really a short time.  
  A. isB.areC. wasD. were
  7. This is       difficult problem that few students can work it out.
  A. suchB. soC. such aD. so a
  8.       exciting sport it is to climb the mountains!
  A. HowB. WhatC. What aD. What an
  9. The woman made his son       finally after she told him some jokes.
  A. laughedB. to laughC. laughD. laughing
  10.-       should we clean the library?
  -Twice a week.
  A. How manyB. How muchC. How long  D. How often
  11. We will fly a kite as soon as your homework _______.
  A. is finishedB. finishesC. will be finishedD. has finished
  12. I       the charity show on TV when the telephone rang.
  A. will watchB. was watchingC. watchedD.watch
  13. World Expo 2010 Shanghai China       people from all over the world to the theme “Better City,Better Life.”
  A. attends    B. attracts        C. allows      D. advises
  14.-Can you tell me       on the Internet?
  -OK, mum.
  A. how can I use QQB. where can I use QQ
  C. how I can use QQD. whether can I use QQ
  15. -Jane got an “A”in the Maths test.
  -_______.She works the hardest in our class.
  A. Many hands make light work
  B. The grass is always greener than the other side
  C. Early birds catch the worm
  D. Don’t put all your eggs in one basket


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