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  第一卷   选择题部分(共计70分)
  1. A. I am sorry.         B. No, I haven’t.      C. Thank you for your advice.
  2. A. I am very happy.    B. Never mind.     C. Enjoy your time here.
  3. A. I don’t want to.      B. All right.        C. I’m sorry.
  4. A. Yes, I’d like to.      B. Here you are.     C. With pleasure.
  5. A. That’s a good idea.   B. Yes, you have to.   C. Yes, we should.
  6. What does the girl want to drink?
  A. A cup of milk.       B. A cup of coffee.     C. A cup of Coca-cola.
  7. Where does the man want to go?
  A. He wants to go to the bookshop.    B. He wants to go the post office.
  C. He wants to go the city museum.
  8. Did the woman agree to go?
  A. Yes, she did.       B. No, she didn’t.     C. She was very busy.
  9. What’s Li Hong’s hobby?
  A. Stamp-collecting.   B. Taking photos.      C. Movies and TV.
  10. Why has the girl’s father given up smoking?
  A. He has no time.      B. Smoking is not interesting.
  C. Smoking is harmful to himself as well as to others.
  11. Where are they?
  A. At a food shop.     B. At a fruit shop.    C. In a bus.
  12. How much did she append?
  A. More than two dollars.    B. One dollar.     C. Less than two dollars.
  13. How did she think about the bread?
  A. Delicious.          B. Smaller than usual.    C. Bigger than usual.
  14. How much did the man want to get?
  A. Two dollars.       B. Three dollars.        C. One dollar.
  15. Why did not the man let her leave?
  A. Because he thought the woman should give him two dollars.
  B. Because he wanted to give her more bread.
  C. Because the woman gave him more money.
  16. Harry Potter III is _____ interesting story and we all like it.
  A. a   B. an   C. the   D./
  17. The farmers are satisfied ______ their harvest through a year’s hard work.
  A. with   B. to   C. of   D. for
  18.—Would you like to come to my house for dinner tonight?
  --I’d love to, ____ I have lots work to do.
  A. so    B. or    C. and    D. but
  19. I’ve got two tickets for tonight’s concert. One is for me, _____ is for you.
  A. other    B. the other     C. others     D. another
  20. He didn’t tell us the place ______ we were to meet.
  A. who    B. where    C. which   D. that
  21. We believe she can do it better, ______?
  A. can’t she    B. can she    C. do we     D. don’t we
  22. The news _____ well worth listening to.
  A. be    B. is    C. are    D. am
  23. I don’t know if it _______ tomorrow. If it ________, I will not go fishing.
  A. rains; rains   B. rains; will rain  C. will rain; rains  D. will rain; will rain
  24. ---I really hope to keep in touch with Lily.
  --Sorry. I don’t know __________.
  A. what her name is   B. what is her job
  C. where does she work   D. what her telephone number is
  25. He loves his grandparents very much, because he was ______ by them.
  A. carried up   B. took up    C. brought up     D. looked up


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